Mathematical Futures Call for Views

Part of the Mathematical Futures programme, this call for views seeks your opinions, information and evidence on the changing nature of mathematics and implications for education. Your comments will be used to help the Royal Society Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education to further refine their thinking in relation to the future of education. The call for views is framed around the programme’s two core questions:
  • What mathematical competences will be needed for society to thrive in the future? 
  • How should education systems develop these mathematical competences?
The call for views was issued on Friday 9th October 2020. Responses should arrive no later than 31 January 2021, with early responses encouraged where possible.  

Before you start answering the questions in, please note that:
  • It would be helpful if you would first give some information about yourself as context to your responses. This information is confidential and we will not publish any information that could identify you without your permission.
  • The call for views is structured into five sections:
    • Section 1. Personal details
    • Section 2. The nature of mathematics in employment, society and citizenship (4 questions)
    • Section 3. The future of mathematics in education (3 questions)
    • Section 4. Other things the Mathematical Futures programme should consider (1 question)
    • Section 5. Further contact
  • The questions are very broad in nature. This is to give you the scope to focus on a specific issue or priority, according to your own, or your organisation's, area of expertise.
  • You do not need to respond to all of the questions if they are not relevant to you. 
  • There is no minimum word limit, and we strongly encourage a maximum limit of 200 words per answer.
  • We expect it will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete the full set of questions.
  • There is the option for your response to be anonymous. 

Who should provide a response?
This call for views is for anyone who uses or has an interest in the future of mathematics and the implications for education, society and work, including
  • Primary Schools, Secondary schools, 6th Form Colleges and FE Colleges
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • School and college staff, including governors
  • Other educational professionals including academics and researchers
  • Young people, parents and carers
  • Businesses
  • Organisations
  • Other interested parties

If you have any questions about the call for views, please contact

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